Empower buildings applications

VayanData is specialized in the digital transformation of buildings

Deploy a Building Operating System

We connect services to buildings data

VayanData builds the Building Operating System Linksper™ to contextualize and mutualize data from field devices to third party applications. Connect buildings data to your services: meeting rooms booking, dashboards, analytics, Digital Twin, campus application…

Save time on integration

We automate the creation of Building Automation Systems

VayanData develops Active-Framework™ to automate the construction of technical systems based on the Niagara platform from Tridium and to industrialize their deployment. Save a lot of time during your integration process using productivity tools and workflows based on structured data.

Don't re-invent the wheel

We create appliances for your expertise

Appliances are pre-configured applications dedicated to a specific field with the purpose of being deployed very easily. They are used for Smart metering, DCIM, dedicated buildings automation systems…

Create buildings for people

We Help You Designing Smart Buildings​

Thanks to its experience on the field and on IT, VayanData helps you to transform traditional Building Automation Systems into Building Information Systems designed for building users.

Our Domain expertise

Data Structuration

Giving full sense to the acquired data using data models like BIM, Brick or Haystack.

Multi-sites deployment

Automatic creation of sites application through API: logic, views, devices commissioning...

External AI calculation

Interaction with external applications to optimize buildings environment

IoT and API integration

Integration of IoT devices and external services: weather, air quality, demand response

Calendar synchronization

Integration of most used booking systems such as Outlook, Calendar, Celcat...

Digital Twin

Sharing data between the Building Automation System and a BIM application

CMMS Notifications

Pushing alarm events to third party applications such as CMMS, Slack, JIRA...

Data Hub

Synchronization of data with third party platforms and databases: IoT Hub, Google IoT Core, MongoDb, Elasticsearch...

Analytics prep

Preparing buildings data for Analytics with automatic tagging, data structuration and data pre-processing

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