The Most Advanced Building Operating System​

Space utilization changes

Occupants are seeking for more interactions with their building environment lead by a new generation used to instant services: office comfort application, rooms booking application, indoor localization…

Facility management methods evolve

New services more and more advanced are deployed: analytics software, space optimization tools, predictive maintenance applications…). They all need to access buildings data in a simple way.

Buildings are becoming obsolete

Buildings need to to follow this evolution to attract and keep their occupants, reduce their operational costs and avoid a depreciation of their value regarding other buildings already proposing a large panel of services.

The Building Operating System Linksper™

Create a bridge between buildings data on one side and services on the other

Make buildings data understandable to others

Don't bother with the field complexity

Linksper™ is used to dissociate services from the local environment. All the heterogeneity of field devices and building protocols is hidden under various data models that mean something to third parties so they can fully understand the data of a building.

Guarantee the deployment of new services

Deploy new independent services very easily

Linksperprovides a lot of connectors to external platforms and databases and has a complete Rest API allowing third party applications to interact easily with the buildings data. They don’t need to get into the building operational complexity. Some SDK allows external developers to create new connectors and to enrich data models.

Managing buildings data

Keep control on your data

Linksper™ handles individual access authorizations of every application to the buildings data. It manages the flow of data between devices on a side and services on the other.

The BOS Linksper™ allows you to set up a complete set of services

What do you need?

Mobile application

Deploy a mobile application to control your office and to provide a caretaker service to ensure occupants comfort.

Room booking application

Connect your meeting rooms booking application to field data to always guarantee availability and comfort.

Energy performance

Manage your consumption by simplifying data acquisition on your analytics software with structured data.

Digital Twin

Improve a lot facility management by synchronizing the BIM model to the buildings data and providing a Digital Twin to interact with field devices.

CMMS and ticketing

Connect easily your CMMS application or your ticketing platform to create automatically a work order on critical alarms.

Access Control

Integrate your access control system to your service applications to display in real time information about zone access, occupation rate...

You decide what services you want to bring to your buildings

Understanding the scope of the BOS

The BOS Linksper™ is independent from the services being deployed: you’re free to choose which service you want to integrate.

But in order to start with something,  Linksper™ proposes you some basic services like meeting rooms booking using Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, a mobile application to control field devices. essential energy dashboards.

You can choose to get more advanced services directly at the installation of the BOS or later since the system is ready to integrate new services.

Linksper™ is based on the Niagara™ platform of Tridium which manages the connectivity with lot of field devices. The system handles all the opened protocols (Modbus, Bacnet, Lonworks, KNX, MBus etc.) and lot of proprietary protocoles (more than 200).

Those drivers are used daily by thousand of SI across the World and are therefore highly reliable while number of startups are trying to recreate new drivers for each protocol.

Linksper™ embeds a generic driver for Rest API to retrieve any IoT devices data and to transform them like any classical devices.

Linksper™ is based on the Niagara™ platform from Tridium which integrates different levels of SDK to create new drivers. More than 200 drivers have been already developed by people around the World.

The development is opened and a dedicated documentation is available. 

Linksper™ provides a complete Rest API to allow a third party system to interact at different levels: read/write realtime values, discover/create data models, add/edit field devices, read aggregated historical data, read/ack alarms…

Linksper™ provides also several connectors to third party platforms (Google IoT Core, Microsoft IoT Hub…), databases (Elasticsearch, MongoDb…) and can communicate through IoT protocols (like MQTT, Kafka…)

Linksper™ has been designed to be an opened system on the field with lot of protocols and on the Cloud connectivity to add new services.

Linksper™ is deployed by System Integrators so you can call to any specialized SI to set it up or to improve your existing installation.

Linksper™ is based on the Niagara™ platform from Tridium which provides all the security layer. A dedicated team is working full time on these subjects as they are becoming more and more critical and complex. The system is already used in lot of highly sensitive buildings.

Linksper™ integrates natively intègre the best practices of cyber security: communications are encrypted (SSL/TLS), user rights are granted  to the strict minimum requirements, passwords are encrypted and with a high strength by default, brut force attacks are neutralized, and sensitive data are encrypted…

Linksper™ integrates by default LDAP and SAML technologies for centralized access.

If you want to deploy a BOS on an existing installation, the BAS is usually kept in place and the BOS communicates with the existing BAS or with field devices directly.

If it’s a bigger renovation or a new building, we advise you to install directly the BOS Linksper™ which provides already the BAS functions. It allows you to make lot of savings since the extra expense of a BOS is nearly 10 to 20% the cost of a traditional BAS.

Linksper™ can embed standard models like Brick or Haystack which are already largely used across many applications: dashboards, analytics, chatbots…

Those models describe the nature of data and their interactions : this is a discharge air temperature, this VAV box is fed by that AHU or this meter is a submeter of that one…

Linksper™ was designed to be quickly deployed with different tools: Excel import, auto-tagging, workflows so you can scale easily.

The System Integrator uses for example Excel to define all the field devices and to create the links with the data models. Then the SI uses a recording tool to modify some parameters on one device and to apply them on all others. All the permissions are handled by a workflow. Finally connectors are deployed automatically depending on the different data models.

The BOS White paper

You want to understand the role of a BOS, analyze its features and have a complete overview of the different types of BOS? Then download our white paper (only available in French at the moment, contact us for an English version).

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